The Plan Keeps Coming Up Again

I’m putting in my training plan for February and it’s…a lot. Already in January, I’ve run 112 miles (before that, my most was maybe 75?) and there’s still about a week to go. Yesterday, I did 15, which is the furthest I’ve run yet. It’s funny, I felt pretty good up until mile 13. I guess that’s when my body decided to say, “Hey! You haven’t done this before, so I’m going to make it a lot harder for you!” But either way, I finished. So there.

I’ve been doing these long runs with the Dana-Farber team on Saturdays, which so far has been working out really well. Having volunteers throughout the (hilly) routes providing hydration has been immensely helpful since carrying your own water is awful. It’s also motivating being around so many people who have been affected by cancer in one way or another. Those reminders are also hard for me, but I think necessary.

Because yes! There is a reason I’m doing this beyond making myself feel better (good thing too, because I’m not entirely sure that’s working). Fundraising for Dana-Farber! There’s been a bit of a lull lately since I figured there are only so many ways I can beg friends and family members for money on Facebook. That being said, we’re still in great shape thanks to people like YOU. $5,547 so far is incredible and safely over the halfway point. Lydia (who already has to deal with me whining and being sore all the time) is currently working with BitBar, one of our favorite places in Salem, to set up a fundraiser. Will a Mario Kart tournament be involved? Probably! STAY TUNED.

Thanks, all. I’m going to soak in Epsom salt.

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